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To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of testimony for Cliff W. Marcek, Esq. whom I engaged to represent me in my divorce case.

He was highly recommended by a personal friend who is also an Attorney. His exceptional abilities and professionalism has been a strong factor in my winning my case. Furthermore he always returned my calls on time and went out of his way to address my concerns.

– Gabriel R. Centenera

I really appreciate Sr. Cliff Marcek to be my lawyer.

On two of my cases, I felt secure in knowing the personal work experience I had with him. I will be coming back for any other cases in the future. I will also recommend him to others. Thank you very much for your help


– Amparo Vergara

To whom it may concern,

Mr. Marcek and his team handled the guardianship documentation required by the State in a professional and timely manner. Mr. Marcek showed genuine interest in guiding me through the difficult task of taking guardianship of my mother. His staff, always friendly and easy to work with, answered every question I had while completing the necessary paperwork.

– Carmen G.

Cliff Marcek represented me fairly and for an affordable charge.

I received a positive outcome in my case. I am grateful for Mr. Marcek’s support and due diligence. I would highly recommend Mr. Marcek’s legal services for anybody who is seeking a legal advice or legal representation.

Thank you so much.

– Olga Kochubey

I highly recommend Mr. Marcek.

He is a very dedicated lawyer who worked diligently to help me settle my auto accident case.

– Bella

I hired the Law Firm of Cliff W. Marcek to represent me in a auto accident.

Mr. Marcek’s firm has handled all the insurance work. Anytime I had a question, they were very easy to contact in order to help me understand my case. Mr. Marcek was able to double the value of my vehicle, compare to what the estimator offer me. Also, Mr. Marcek represented me personally, and it made me feel good in the way he handled the case and the final settlement Anytime I would need attorney representation, I would definitely hire Cliff W. Marcek Attorney at Law


– John D. Worley

He is a kind and caring individual and so is his staff.

When we met Mr. Marcek, we thought he was a gentle giant and felt good about having him represent us in a malpractice against a doctor that caused lifelong damage that was not reversible. It took several years, a trial, [an appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court] and a lot of effort, patience, stress, and perseverance to get the case settled. Mr. Marcek went up and beyond with this case, and we truly appreciate everything he did for us. We highly recommend Cliff Marcek. He is a kind and caring individual and so is his staff.

– James J. Whittacre and Ruth Whittacre

Ty Cliff and Karla!

Have used Cliff and his staff for 2 accidents and everything was smooth, easy, and efficient at a very stressful time. Ty Cliff and Karla!

– Brandon Cross

I contacted Cliff Marcek office on September of 2013, and was seen the next day.

For all his kindness, compassion, and consideration. He took time to listen to me and was considerate and sensitive to my feelings. It was very hard explaining the complex case concerning the burial of my son. I was devastated on the horrific way the mortuary interred my son. I was so depressed, I did not know what I could do. I tried contacting management at the mortuary and had no success, so I took my case to Mr. Marcek.

Mr. Marcek took my case immediately and promptly contacted the Mortuary. At first, the Mortuary did not agree with any of my demands. With the help of Mr. Marcek and his team, the Mortuary met all my demands and settled out of court. I feel now that my son can rest in peace. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

There aren’t enough words that I can say to thank Mr. Marcek and his team. They showed their competence, skill, and professionalism on handling my case. I would gladly refer any and all of my family and friends to Mr. Marcek.

– Dolores Cintora