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Property owners and tenants have a duty to maintain the safety of their property. This includes taking reasonable steps to ensure that walkways are in good repair, that there are no hidden obstacles on the property, and that it is generally safe for people to visit without fear of injury or death. Cliff W. Marcek, PC is a premises liability lawyer who represents clients who have been injured by the inaction of negligent property owners.

What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability establishes guidelines for the reasonable care and duties property owners must perform in order to protect visitors from unsafe conditions on their property. Unsafe conditions may be caused by structural defects such as broken sidewalks, uneven stairs, loose railings, improperly maintained swimming pools, or aging trim that falls from a building. In Nevada, establishing premises liability requires showing that a dangerous condition existed on the premises, and that the owner or property manager failed to take action to rectify the danger.

Dangerous conditions may also be caused by temporary situations such as wet flooring that hasn’t been properly mopped, or slippery tiles around the edges of a swimming pool. In Las Vegas, these are common causes of slip and fall injuries. These injuries can lead to broken bones, brain injuries, and nerve damage. They can even lead to paralysis or death by drowning. Treating these injuries can require hospital visits, casts, medication, and complicated surgeries to correct. In addition to the immediate disruption to an individual’s life, treatment can lead to the accrual of significant medical expenses, loss of income, and in severe cases, permanent disability and loss of quality of life.

Premises Liability Slip and Fall wet floor sign

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Do You Need a Premises Liability Lawyer in Las Vegas?

In addition to maintaining the physical condition of a premises, property owners and their tenants (such as casinos, shopping centers, offices, etc.) are responsible for protecting the safety of customers and other visitors from harm that may be caused by other visitors. This includes maintaining adequate lighting and reasonable security features that can deter violent crime.

Individuals who have suffered a premises liability injury should take immediate action. This includes gathering contact information from witnesses, recording conversations, taking photographs, and keeping detailed notes of the incident. Individuals should also visit their physician and begin tracking their medical expenses and the disruption to their lives that have resulted from the injury.

Premises liability lawyer Cliff Marcek handles these cases on a contingency fee basis. Attorney fees and expenses are not collected until a settlement is reached. This removes the financial burden of pursuing a premises liability claim while you are receiving treatment for your injuries and recovering.

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