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These Intersections Are the Most Dangerous in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has some of the deadliest highways and intersections in the U.S. Many accidents that lead to serious injuries and fatalities happen in this city because of the many law-breaking drivers. Many of these drivers run red lights and drive while distracted or impaired.

The Allstate Best Driver’s Report shows that Las Vegas drivers have a 21% higher risk of getting involved in fatal crashes than the national average. Las Vegas drivers need to be extra careful around the following intersections.

West Sahara and South Decatur Boulevard

The wide intersection coupled with the flow of a high number of vehicles from all four different directions makes this intersection prone to cars crashes and pedestrian accidents. In fact, a University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) study ranked this intersection as the riskiest in the whole area. Over 50 accidents happened at this intersection in 2018.

Boulder Highway and Nellis Boulevard

This intersection has several hazardous connectors that leave many motorists confused, increasing the risk of deadly crashes. Because of the many people who jaywalk at this intersection, many pedestrian accidents and deaths are reported every year. The number of injured or killed jaywalking pedestrians has, however, declined after the installation of better lighting and marked crosswalks on the Boulder Highway.

Flamingo Road and Pecos Road

This intersection has a high number of vehicles zooming past in multiple directions, making it an accident-prone area. The intersection experiences at least one deadly vehicle accident per year.

South Rainbow Boulevard and West Charleston Boulevard

The UNLV research found that many motorists run red lights at this expansive and fast intersection, increasing the risk of fatal crashes. Each Boulevard features several lanes, which always experience heavy traffic flow. The right turn and left turn at this huge intersection are prone to serious crashes.

I-215 and I-15

A 2019 report from the Nevada Department of Public Safety ranked I-215 and I-15 intersection as one of the deadliest road intersections in Las Vegas. The intersection features a sharp bend that drivers take too quickly.

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